– Win $10 Gift Card – Nike Survey – Nike is a very famous sports brand and has its branches all over the world now. It offers its customers to take the My Nike customer survey. – Win $10 Gift Card – Nike Survey

This survey is conducted online and a number of questions are asked. The feedback that you provide is very important for Nike.

Using your answers, it gets to have a deeper knowledge about its products as well as services. Taking the My Nike survey is easy if you follow the steps properly.

All the steps have been mentioned in this article along with some additional information regarding the survey. You can read it to know more about the My Nike survey.

Survey Steps

Once you have made up your mind about taking the My Nike survey and are confused about how to proceed with the steps, you can refer to them here.

All the steps involved in taking the survey have been explained in detail below. By referring to these, you will complete the survey within minutes.

1.Go on the official website of Nike in order to start taking the survey. This is the most basic and obvious step.

2.You have to choose the language from the list of four different languages. Choose the one you are most comfortable with and can take the survey in that language.

3.You must have received a purchase receipt from your recent purchase at Nike. Refer to this receipt and enter the 15- or 20-digits long code in the box on your screen.

4.Once you have entered it, you can click on the option saying “Next”.

5.You will now be redirected to a new page where you will have to answer a number of questions about your last visit to Nike.

6.You will also have to rate how satisfied you are with Nike overall.

7.You are expected to give honest answers to all the questions being asked. Your feedback plays a great role in deciding upon the next course of action for Nike.

8.The survey questions will mostly revolve around your experience with the store, the kind of service you received, the environment, the quality of products, etc. Read all the questions properly before you answer them.

9.Once you have answered all the questions, you will have to provide your personal details like your name, email address, along with your phone number.

10.You can now submit the survey form. After submission, you will receive a Nike coupon code which you can use at the store on your next visit to Nike.

Survey Conditions

There are a couple of terms and conditions associated with taking the My Nike survey. You have to be aware of each one of them and start taking the survey only if you qualify for the same. All the terms and conditions have been given below.

1.You have to be at least 18 years old to take part in the survey.

2.You need to have a basic understanding of either English, French, Spanish, or Japanese. The My Nike survey can be taken using these four languages only.

3.You must have a smart device on which you can take the survey along with a stable internet connection so that you don’t get logged out in the middle of the survey.

4.Owning a recent purchase receipt from Nike is a must. This receipt contains your survey code and you will not be able to take the survey without the same.

5.You will be able to part in the survey only once.

6.In case you are an employee working at Nike or an immediate family member of any of the employees, you will not be allowed to take the survey.

7.The reward you receive at the end of the survey will not be transferable in any manner.

8.You have to provide a valid email address if you want to receive the coupon code at the end of the survey.

Survey Rewards

Nike values the time you invest to take the survey and answer all the questions. Therefore, at the end of the feedback, you will receive a number of things from Nike.

1.Once you have submitted the survey form, you will get a $10 gift card in your email.

2.You will be able to use this $10 gift card on your next visit to Nike. Simply note down the coupon code and present it the next time you visit the store.

3.You will be able to make use of this gift card on your next visit to the store only.

4.The coupon code will not be valid if you want to shop online from Nike.

5.You will be able to make use of the gift card only at the Nike stores and nowhere else.

6.You are allowed to apply for the survey once every week.

7.The coupon will be redeemable for only 60 days after you receive it. Therefore, if you want to use it make sure that you do so within 60 days only.

Therefore, taking the My Nike survey is as easy as it can get. Simply follow the different steps that have been mentioned and complete the procedure. In case you face some issue, contact the customer care representative and ask them for help. Anyone will be able to help you take the survey within minutes.

Q1) State the legal age to take the My Nike survey?

A1) You have to be at least 18 years old if you want to take part in the My Nike survey.

Q2) What are the different languages in which I can take My Nike survey?

A2) You will be able to take the My Nike survey using four different languages only. You must have a basic understanding of either English, Spanish, Japanese, or French in order to take the survey,

Q3) What will I get after completing My Nike survey?

A3) On completing the My Nike survey, you will get a $10 gift coupon which you can use on your next visit to Nike.

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